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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Updated March 2015 -phew! COST of changing the world with a curriculum youth most need to create jobs or sustain their world with- assuming the curriculum content already has world leading practice editors whilst it depends on curricula, we estimate those the major elearning platforms (5 billion elearning satellite and khan academy ) require million dollar investment to free up a new curriculum while on-demand coursera depends on finding a coursera university whose principal wants to partner -welcome alternative findings chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Lamiya

I am due to see the ethiopian Noah Samara who owns the 5 billion peoples elearning satellite yazmi on Thursday

Is there any message to him - eg a free invite to either atlanta stage in may or november. At the moment my first question to him is what is he beaming down to end ebola, this could be a natural segway to what other content could free those who want to train as village nurses, nutritionalists, nature-valuing millennials  ( if empowered by women - a quarter of a billion job stimulating compass which friends of Yunus, Soros and Bangladesh mass published youth postcards around earlier this year)

As you may recall, my last visit to Grameen was to see Dr Yunus to understand if there was any way I could help with the announcement he made at 2013 world skoll championships on the future of moocs and khan academies

Ending the monopoly of big universities (and bank sponsored MBAs) is very personal to me and my daughter- in the us it can now cost $200000 to get an undergraduate degree on ending poverty and to find that from a womens empowerment viewpoint you have to learn all the wrong stuff to get a job

Whence I have tried over 42 years to connect the most revolutionary entrepreneurs of open education.  

sincerely chris macrae

Permission trust checklist
1 Noah is a friend of Tebabu Assefa who mobilises ethiopia as dc largest diaspora in mentoring rest of dc (and the bcorp legistalure in anapolis) in feed the future partnerships; 1a tebabu's friend stefanos searches out africas wizard tech hubs
Normally Naila would have been first to meet Noah Samara but she is in New York at UN because they asked her to be 

Womens Entrepreneur Day Ambassador for Bangladesh> People like W4E Naila and M4E Ana Torres are incredibly busy swarming all youth entrepreneurs on the america continent to the summit if americas panama 7 -11 april. Either Panama or san diego aims to host the next tedx in the series started at the world bank on how world's leading health servants value millennials and wish to linking the highest trust financial inclusion modes digital partners can design. Most of the people cc'd are brainstorming that every week now in one way or another

 apologies  if I have mistated anyones collaboration goals, I am sure they can correct me; locally i try and keep mostofa fully informed of whats happening in the other hemispheres  millennials now need to urgently linkin their goals with

Yazmi could be the best news in 44 yearsof celebrating every way that elearning media can be the opposite of mass tv
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