rsvp to help with our survey of 30 women changing UN2.0, ed3.0, AIforgood, metaverse :Z Y X W V U T S R Q P o n M M2 l k k2 k3 j i h g f e d c b a YEAR OF TIGER: BREAKING NEWS : we've started piloting AI hall of fame - 30 places reports of where tech's human dividends is most inspiring younger half of the world- that they can be the sustainable generation: .. in my experience (stats MA DAMTP Cantab), chaos maths of covid notwithstanding, friendly mathematicians and the most darling human souls have been asking why design systems to make millennials the extinction generation since 1990? -famous moments included soon after pope francis was appointed and through 2015 his schedule matched UN launch of Sustainability Goals (I was privileged with 2 trips to Vatican University mainly hosted by artists and youth- a grand prize was won by 9 year old spanish photographer (likely his generation's david attenborough) ; but the west's oldest legislatures of white empires carry on oblivious to grounmd levek networks; questions on changing world order - see 1984's 2025report,com with The Economist on why sustainability goals last chance was somewhere between 2025 and 2030. After 2021 the g8's most indecisive year - failing to stop covid economically, failing to keep past promises on cop26 radical mediation is needed - (Glasgow Smithians editorial boards New Economics & Social Business), 15 visit young journalist sherpa - womens billion sdg networkingover the last 80 years my father's working life change from navigator allied bomber command (burman now myanmar) to economics mediator of peace and sustainability generaiton; my work went from helping MIT complie world's largest database of what Asian societies wanted from global corporations to considering 3 mathematical puzzles-I hope you agree: it would be a shame to extinguish our species because of 3 types of numerical standards which at the very least prevent our children from applying tech to be the most exciting times to be alive; and when miscommunicated by fake media and greedy men made eg ecop26 Glasgow our last best chance of preventing nature's meltdown; we need to be eveywhere curious about mathematical systems problems of
  • 90 day industrial accounting
  • ESG investing =Environment*Society-Governance
  • audting of 17 UN sdgs
  • Psychologists will tell you the human mind cannot make real-time decisions on many different factors -one handful of 5 Societal Goals is already a lot to combinatorially action and perhaps we can monitor how another 5 are being built (eg year on year)
  • After 50 journeys to Asia (where two thirds of huamns live and most had no access to enginesd when I first traveled in 1982 on one of 40 market jobs for the Royal Dutch Company Unilever (see brand chartering handbook which i puglished with ethe economist intel unit) (first trip Indonesia) i would suggest goals 1-5 are to integrated in community-building that we parents do need either to action them orto track each transparently in the nightly news or your latest face-fees; 6-16 which can be grouped into natural investments which zeroise any pollutant that leaves less of mother earth to your children and infrastructure which balanes joyful life in rural and city areas and every hemisphere of earth's diversity (probably we need to identify digital infrastructure and transportation infrastructure)- the net result should be RISING in every place three-in-one progress: ending poverty, expanding middle class , going green)-these can all be triple win over time but the problem is they look like losses if the media only reports immediate monetary results and has no metric of whether profit made is sacrificing futures either peaceful or entreprenurial which take more than a quarter to prove they were sound investments western governance of biggest organisations has become short-term - the least sustainable maths imaginable; not surprisingly environment exponentials are biggest loser, society isn't something corporates can make quick cash from - see education and last mile lives matter service- the harvard mba (sponsored by many of the same big banks that gave the world subprime) has become gold standard for numbers hiding big organisations role in causing extinction..
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Curriuculum of Missing Transformation Precepts (TP)

    Precepts are value judgments (including rules and continuous process) that networks are locally and globally designed around. Transformation precepts are those we need to search out and 7 billion people need to collaborate around if planet and peoples are to be sustainable out of every local community -literally we need to mediate gamechangers from being led towards exponential destruction to everyone passing through a conflict barriers at the same time to innovate producing and demanding around a rising exponential.**

    This 12 minute training modules provides some examples of TP. Your most important exercise to start the second after the next 12 minutes is choose a TP that make sense to most of the people you network with both socially and in making a living (or if you are a student in your idea of what you would most like to do to make a living). Report back to all of us how you word the conflict that needed innovating beyond- and what experiments if any a mass of people in your network want most urgently to test

    1 The clearest example may be afforded by why the majority of us are not doing relevant things to transform to abundant clean energy instead of being trapped in carbon's value chains. The main precept of changing to clean energy mimics nature's evolution rule-

    TP1 one system's waste is another system's energy input

    .................................................................................Do you know of a Fortune 1000 ceo or a national leader who walks this talk? At we have been searching for such leaders for 25 years. My search began at Big 5 global accountancies in 1989 helped by my father who was "retiring" from writing 3000 leaders for The Economist to do other writing including a biography of the greatest systems modeler he had ever met John Von Neumann - for many the father of the open computing age. Ironically war led John into dying before hos tie in testing the dirtiest energy ever (nuclear) instead of the most peaceful photosynthesis.

    Among the 1500 biggest decision-makers in the world, I can tell you from quarter of a century of network searching, those that walk the talk on Transformation Precepts are incredibly scarce. Back in 1989 I was one of the first to develop a process for brands to marry each other as they needed to integrate local and global meaning. I know all the people who made unique contributions to the emerging practice of brand architecture. The number 1 challenge we tried to prevent was greenwashing - so far we haven't succeeded.
    Mass media "creatives" found it easier to make money in the short-term by advising brands with the greatest reality problems to greenwash. Worse they were supported in concocting brand valuation algorithms by the Big 5 accountants raced to preserve the measurement monopoly in the biggest boardrooms with metrics that devalue sustained change on the altar of short-term extraction.
    TP2 there isnt a single global profession that values Transforatuon Precept 1- this gives us a clue for another precept :
    - TP2 we can define the most valuable chnane beyond industrial revolution as one where there is zero tolerance for externalising risk- unless leaders making the biggest decisions (be the nation's place servants or ceos of biggest companies in each global sector) are advise by professions that value multi-win models -mapped to be bottom-up and borderless in how they multiply human trust and purpose - instead of externalising risks from the biggest to those with the elast , humans will be expoentially racing to destroy the futures of our next generation - this precept was first theorised by Einstein when he was advising gandhi on how to design more sustainable rules than those chained by the English's empires professional classes; its be poivotal to the genre of entreprejeurial revolution founded by father in The Economist since 1972 when he first saw hundreds of youth collaborating around an early digital network- enetrepreneur has since become one of the sexiest words in both society and business- if you are passionate about a type of entrepurial movement ask yourself if it unites people who act on zero tolerance for externalsiation

    There used to be the US ceo Ray Anderson of Interface Sustainability but he died recently (his role to show that even an industrial sector like carpets could map a half-generation plan to go profitably negaive carbon); If there is a living US CEO who most gets it- who would you say that is? John Mackey (Whole Foods and h conscipus capitalis movement is one nomination. Who else would you say?

    TP3 and this gives us a clue for dr yunus' dream:
    TP3 that a best for youth university could be free and online- it needs to doublecheck the whole truth of every curriculum it examines students on by whether its professors can collaboratively map how their teaching sustain next generation. Previously India had a president who was also one of the country's leading scientists- he love dialoguing with youth. His web oromise to collate questions that youth dared to ask and that most of India's senion bureaucrats had not yet begun to innovate an answer to. When Kalam's presidency was nearing its close- he issued a wish India 2020. Youth please connect together tear up by 2020 any curriculum you are taught that isn't exponentially sustaining the future.

    Media note- is it possible to invite thousands of highly cflicted people to join in innovation through which they all pass through a conflict barrier and broken systems at the same time. The method was invented in the early 1980s by Harrison Owen, It is caled Open Space. There is a peculiar finding from the first 500000 open spaces that Harrison has cataloogued with thousands of alumni. The yiunger you are above the age of 9 the easier you find it to truly and interactively participate in such a transformation celebration and collaboration

    Friday, April 12, 2013

    surveys for yunus- what 12 minute online training modules do millions of youth want to create jobs and end poverty

    dr yunus believes that one worldwide free online university can help youth network extraordinary jobs and goals- todays online education platforms typically integrate 12 minute training modules- so what sorts of surveys can we start with dr yunus when we meet him

    -what can his worldiwde partners offer as 12 minute training modules - Norman Macrae Foundation for pro-youth economics welcomes co-journalizing of his partners initiatives at

    what do youth who have joined his job creaating competitions most want? this blog brings a particular focus to that supported by co-journalists at 2 Nings: JobsCompetitions and Journal of Social Business 

    how do we turn existing free university curriculum - eg grameen nursing college - into million youth online learning modules?

    what are the most urgent 12 minute curriculum if youth are to regain design of sustainable systes in time to celebrate net generation as most productive and collaborative age -

    ideas welcome
    Norman Macrae Foundation Pro-Youth Economics