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Friday, April 12, 2013

surveys for yunus- what 12 minute online training modules do millions of youth want to create jobs and end poverty

dr yunus believes that one worldwide free online university can help youth network extraordinary jobs and goals- todays online education platforms typically integrate 12 minute training modules- so what sorts of surveys can we start with dr yunus when we meet him

-what can his worldiwde partners offer as 12 minute training modules - Norman Macrae Foundation for pro-youth economics welcomes co-journalizing of his partners initiatives at http://leadersandyunus.ning.com

what do youth who have joined his job creaating competitions most want? this blog brings a particular focus to that supported by co-journalists at 2 Nings: JobsCompetitions and Journal of Social Business 

how do we turn existing free university curriculum - eg grameen nursing college - into million youth online learning modules?

what are the most urgent 12 minute curriculum if youth are to regain design of sustainable systes in time to celebrate net generation as most productive and collaborative age - http://futurecapitalism.tv

ideas welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Norman Macrae Foundation Pro-Youth Economics

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