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  Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence I dont know how far this has got but if anyone could get trusted as a decolonial ai mapmaker  that might unlock so many sdg millennials networks-deepmind is about as worldwide real as humans and ai can get due to the fascinating founder denis hassibis   Demis Hassabis, Ph.D. | Academy of Achievement 1  2  3  4  5  6 7  8  9  10  11 12 13  14 15 16 17  18 19   20    21  22  23  24  25  29 30 -special thanks alumnisat.com   DM  GAI oddbots 1  2

Universal connectivity -what media needed 2020s: given since 1865 swiss partner ITU has been designing next tele-media as a worldwide cooperation br> what AIGood do we need given that since 1920 einstein ,was early host of transnational intel cooperation then neumann devoted his 12 post war years to freeing AI and computing for humanity- so what do millennials need designed AIGood 2020s seeing next tech how do we need Digital to change
DCoop1 time of under 30s spent by education;
DCap2 time of over 30s spent by education
Given these system changes what maths goats of 2020s are neededso how does above change what people need pubic sercants to do witth publi goods and trust/safety tpilie how does that impact inclusion and human rights

Friday, March 22, 2013

ECONOMICS OF MEDIA- building strong local communities as essence of sustainable globalisation

World Class Brands network was established in 1988 to help with pro-youth media training as it became evident that 21st C society would spend more time and money on media than anything else. Five generations of Macrae family have made livings by helping buiilding strong local communities and helping map transparent valuation of systems that sustain bottom-up goals and maximise collaboration wherever valuable.Norman Macrae spent his working life doing this as The Economist's pro-youth economist. His retirement in 1988 enabled him to spend the next 20 years on special projects from writing up the biography of von neumann to helping world class brands develop the optimal metrics of sustainability investment and celebration of millions time more collaboration technology than when man raced to the moon in 1960s. Our simplest training modules (can be exercised online in short modules); they include developing these sort of media literacy
make a list of channels of media and education - which help prevent and which hasten failure of communities?
.what causes communities to fail?


  • extraction of natural resources
  • majority of families in community are trapped in debt
  • crises (including wars) caused by big neighbours ..
.who loses most from broken communities?

families especially mothers

since 1920 can you make a timeline of the most positive inspirations of media and the most dismal unintended consequence  -(we choose 1920 as that is when mass audiences started to be linked in by radio )

when are the earliest discussions you can find on computer networking media- make a 2 by 2 matrix- what has happened slower, faster ; better, worse than the most optimistic pioneers of digital media and the greatest human revolution of being networked

build on the above exercises to make a list of greatest opportunities and threats of our next 10 years locally and globally - what sorts of collaborative solutions can you search out to resolve the threats; is this search for solutions to threats something millions of young people need to be connecte to by early online educational courses of the sort yunus prioritses as worldwie youth's favorite economoist and humanitarian

Advanced training can also be found at our affiliate webs

BrandChartering.com abd valuetrue.com - mediating and valueing the most pursposeful system in the world - be these at organisation, network or market level. By purposeful we mean searching for human purspoe that can sustain most value multiplication in both our roles of human being - producers and demanders (eg customers, societies, owners, partners, co-workers)

worldeconomist.net and worldentrepreneur.net

yunus.tv brac.tv as two of most exciting service organisations and community builders we have come across in projects that have taken 3 macraes to over 100 national contexts and many hundred market caltegories

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