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Universal connectivity -what media needed 2020s: given since 1865 swiss partner ITU has been designing next tele-media as a worldwide cooperation br> what AIGood do we need given that since 1920 einstein ,was early host of transnational intel cooperation then neumann devoted his 12 post war years to freeing AI and computing for humanity- so what do millennials need designed AIGood 2020s seeing next tech how do we need Digital to change
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A MIcrofranchise App on 5 Billion Person Elearning Platforms?

Some people eg Neville Williams (celebrated below) have been chasing solar energy for over 30 years now; in parallel my father and I have been exploring how open would the 30000 microfranchise solutions and celebrate millennials sustainability that end poverty need to be. The full economic rationale for microfranchises was written up in The Economist and this 1984 book on the future of millennials if open learning is valued in every actionable way possible. Suffice it to say that unlike a macrofranchise Mcdonalds where the owner's aim is to suck out profit every quarter from the local communities, microfranchises aim to inspire same brilliant service teamwork but leave all or most pf the value with the local producers and customers. For those interested in health this Larry Brilliant (end smallpox pioneer, first ceo of google.org, current skoll moviemaker on biggest risks humanity has yet to truly face up to)  video on an Indian doctors microfranchising to end unnecessary blindness is as joyful as this genre gets
MIT Dlab  Chasing the Sun  ... Sunpower  self.org  ghshakti.org ashden.org solar at WB

Whilst badly misunderstood by almost every MBA professor I have ever met, what Clinton called the new economic miracle of empowering villagers to end poverty began in Bangladesh a year after the nations' birth and is worth studying from BRAC and Grameen. Between these 2 networks they developed a few hundred microfranchises until 1996 when things really took off as Bangladesh became the first partnership lab in the world for mobile womens empowerment and in parallel yunus started experimenting with solar-a-billion model. Above are some notes on the solar-a-billion model and the context of 1996's 5 extraordinary partners in mobile womens empowerment. Whether citizen engagement is now ready to decide which innovations need to much volunteer networking and celebration of the sort true microfranchising needs is something I would love your feedback on. Meanwhile we will do our best to amke sure some of the most exciting microfrachsise examples get free open learning ads on the 5 billion person elarning satellite www.yazmi.com and among any partners who want to see how far women empowerment can go with microfranchising an end to poverty

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