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In 2016, 9 education luminaries at UN HQ new york bravely stood up-goals can't be taught without a new map egov/Un2 connecting ed, tech, UN 50+ service networks eg food, health

  Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence I dont know how far this has got but if anyone could get trusted as a decolonial ai mapmaker  that might unlock so many sdg millennials networks-deepmind is about as worldwide real as humans and ai can get due to the fascinating founder denis hassibis   Demis Hassabis, Ph.D. | Academy of Achievement 1  2  3  4  5  6 7  8  9  10  11 12 13  14 15 16 17  18 19   20    21  22  23  24  25  29 30 -special thanks alumnisat.com   DM  GAI oddbots 1  2

Universal connectivity -what media needed 2020s: given since 1865 swiss partner ITU has been designing next tele-media as a worldwide cooperation br> what AIGood do we need given that since 1920 einstein ,was early host of transnational intel cooperation then neumann devoted his 12 post war years to freeing AI and computing for humanity- so what do millennials need designed AIGood 2020s seeing next tech how do we need Digital to change
DCoop1 time of under 30s spent by education;
DCap2 time of over 30s spent by education
Given these system changes what maths goats of 2020s are neededso how does above change what people need pubic sercants to do witth publi goods and trust/safety tpilie how does that impact inclusion and human rights

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

x HumansAI movement are the most inspiring solutions we know of - notably catalogued this month with 15 years of Fei-Fei Li's extraordinary connections as arguably the greatest female mathematcian ever and perhaps only rivalled by such male geenii as NET (Neumann Einstein Turing)
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  • The Worlds I See by Dr. Fei-Fei Li

    Saturday, April 1, 2023

    March Hope for Womens Futures like No Other

     We sub-eds of linkedin Unwomens cant recall a month of so many giant leaps for women4empowerment since fazle Abed birthed BRAC in 1972

    March 1 - sharing 5 hours as Fei-Fei Li briefed us at nairr on her 2 days of briefing washongton dc first birthday of government studying ai ; apparently national science foundation and others now have 2 billion dolar budget for ai and they have decided that chatgpt and ai are inseparable at least until they have their own sgpt ; this is all quite a muddle because stanford can clone gpts for as little as 600 dolars; hopefully one womens gpt will emerge

    About 12 days ago sws23 (updated unwomens demands) and these were briefed in new york at the same rime as 8000 real people attended sdg water ( all womens /corcular economies see water the way that all mens carbon economies see carbon) and about 2000 people including 200 real were brieg=fed on guterres last 3 dull colege years - global futures firum - as far as women connecting goes mrs espinosa who led the unga on theme of women popped up all over town to make sure no dot is left unconnected

    also look out for  un summit beyond gdp - if you love children there's an infinitely bigger economy not measured by gdp; i say infinite because if the worlds biggest decision makers continue to see GDP as the only metric, extinction is coming - over to the sdgs.games if you feel the future is worth saving

    Saturday, January 28, 2023

     media connectivity & computational database consequences have accelerated (exponentially) since world war 2 and digital platforms have been webbed then mobilised from 1990s/2000s- the consequences of media platforms we spend our time in (UN Universal Connectivity) and data being computed real time (UN AIGood) between any 2 points (GPS) of the planet can be ever more social or ever more anti-social-

     what we design in the 2020s will likely be last chance of the younger half of the world to be first sustainability generation - this applies to whatever is making a community you live in unhappy, afraid hurt



    here we try to catalogue positive win-win examples connected to the 3 billion newest livelihoods millennials need to be the first suatainable generation (you may need to look other side of world to find a replicable win-win solution -

    celebrate metaverse/web3 designed around family love and positive emotional values - beingai.com hong kong and berkeley

    value finance health water and food systems so that children and mothers do not go without - each leap in technology has been applied to these community goals in some places but not in others 

    look at every Un video onAIi on sdgmetaverseprize.org - work out which ones societies you care about need- remember everywhere is likely producing relevant data but is yours being mapped- are teachers involved in designing back the 3 billion new jobs shown- where they are teens soennd most afternnots apprenticing in communities not being examined on theory- some schooling systems has taken at least one service in community project back as early as 7 year olds - why not find out what eg 7 year olds do as projects in amercan international school in barcelona and see whether your community offers parallel expereinces

    look at how singapire's www.worldtoilet.org creates viral stories (free new for good) so that sanitation becomes a worldwide movement supported everywhere and increasingly integrated into schools curriculum -what kids know about health needs to be as imporatnt as any other curriculum in 21st C 

    solar energy inventioms have been available since 1880; when they first really mattered is partly a populatiion thing - in 2020s we may go over 8 billion beings compared with the 2 billion trapped in world war 2; as it happens my granaprents home in isle of aran had an early waring - when I was 4 neigbours would take turns to row not more than 50 feet into the bay and fill boat with mackerel then shared across the town; by age 9 the clyde was poluted mackerel were never seen agian- charging companies zero for poluting waters was certainly a local mistake though I can understand peoples need to balance human versus machine energy needs; what did not need to haoen was the worlds largest energy comapnies hiding data on global warming that they have done since the 1970s; sadly televiison pr has increasingly been used the wrong way in the west ; some comanies spend billions of dollars (if custmes money) to misinform

     sadly the most powerful nations prior to digitalisation often failed to transform how those who serve societies operate from exerting power to celebrating empowerment) 

    ED see eg Economist Entrepreneurial Revolution for maps starting in the early 1970s (the 20th year  of continoussurveys oroginated by great matjeaticains like von neumann computing and einstein ) mapped changes needed for smart/win-win public services to  

    Wednesday, February 9, 2022

     Today a female prof from yale at OX Ethics Ins (with Schwarzman Scholars) asked about AI & participative democracy -it's not clear she included journalism or economists for humanity from adam smith on in her list of casses framed by PD jargon

    Presenter: Professor Hélène Landemore


    Title: Can AI help bridge the gap between quality deliberation and mass participation?

    Abstract: One unsolved problem in democratic theory is how we can reconcile the twin goals of quality deliberation and mass participation. Both are arguably conditions for the full legitimacy of a democratic system. Quality deliberation, as a process through which laws and policies are generated, in theory promises good governance (output-legitimacy) as well as, at the very least, good reasons for the laws and policies put forward. Mass participation, by contrast, is a condition for the democratic input-legitimacy of the system, namely its capacity to take into account people’s needs and preferences. Unfortunately, thus far, it has proven impossible to reconcile those two goals as the quality of deliberation diminishes past a relatively low threshold of participants (a few hundreds, perhaps a few thousand people) and mass participation, on the other hand, is not conducive to the thoughtful, informed exchanges smaller numbers afford. In this presentation I explore the ways in which Artificial Intelligence may help bridge that gap, at least up to a point, using examples of relatively large-scale deliberative processes in France, Taiwan, and Chile.


    ===================chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes teachforsdgs.com back in 1950 dad (norman) at the economist expereinced 2 scoops _ meeting von neumann he was advised always ask leaders what will they dpo with next decade's 100 times "moore" tech (comp and media)

    british parliament had just ordered the british broadcasting corporation delay reporting of partiament by at least a week "because parliament is the supreme announcer or rules

    by 1984 dad & my book 2025report debated why sustainability would depend on designing world web to be open and massive educational not vested to the laregst advertisers

    I can ad ar least 50 other4 occasions when alumni of smith and of Economit founding mediator James Wislson contributed to today's OxYale


    Sunday, February 6, 2022

    part 1 of oh wxyz

     hello Ms Z - i know several fashion conscious chinese/asian americans in new york- do you have a link to your business or your goals - happy to try and scale collaboration - at the UN Guterres promised a big future summit in 2023; I am hoping to find many people who help action that either directly or by hosting a fringe festival  - i need to do a lot of editing at www.unwomens.com - do you use lunchclub? - meeting quite a lot of helpful people  chris macrae +1 240 316 8157 also i believe that www.musicforsdgs.com  (led out of wall street by a Japanese friend) and other conscious arts movements can make communities better- back in 1991 i was asked how to help brand then superstar ayrton senna - connection who youth celebrates why is a huge opportunity if we can all earn trust - women much more capable than men in most of my experience! wash dc +1 240 316 8157 I much prefer working on brand leaders or teachers with almost no money budget but huge amount of good to multiply - I have been writing books on that for 30 years but my time at world's biggest ad agency did energise me!... so much to learn...


    it probably shows my age but i keep myself optimistic with rhymes that I thought were nonsense eg lear's oh WXYZ

    now i realise that he may of meant that once leaders gett too big to listen to others they may no longer be able to do good in any real communities

    do you have a fav rhyme that turns out to be worth recalling?

    Wednesday, January 26, 2022



    Saturday, September 19, 2015

    Dear Michael

    Stunning soros speech today on brexit- thanks  for circulating

    2016 is 40th year since my father Norman Macrae published Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 25 December 1976 - the first 40 year future history of what it would take to sustain net generation. I believe he then informally shared a lot of ideas with George Soros in his London home  including my fathers 1984 prediction of when the Berlin Wall would fall and how to handle emergent new leadership

    A small board of global youth led by chinese women and a team in Bangladesh and I are writing world record book of job creators with a top 10 that includes George Soros...  Is there someone i can send my soros chapter to who can check for any inaccuracies or subtleties that may not be culturally the most valuable  for under 30s  to prioritise action around Soros hope for the future? 

    chris macrae
    washington dc