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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Congratulations to Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC on Opening of Bangladesh Studies at University of Berkeley 30 March

A Quiet Revolution in Bangladesh: Lecture by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed to inaugurate the Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies

Lecture | March 30 | 5:30-7 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, The Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall | Note change in time

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Bangladeshi Social worker, the founder and chairman of BRAC
Ananya Roy, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice, University of California, Berkeley
Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley

We are proud to announce that founder and chairman of BRAC, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed will inaugurate the Subir & Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies at UC Berkeley. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What made pre-digital grassroot Microcredit brilliant has seen the baton passed on to mobile women4epowerment as the greatest economic movement our human race has ever celebrated. Operationally microcredit 1.0 has failed to survive the digital revolution sustainably (except when tied to pockets of Yunus fame, or sustained one community at a time unlike the sacling Clinton decsribes in this video). Moreover its smart side was inconveniently misunderstood wherever big  banking experts , students' professors or summit hosts didnt understand that womens community trust through health networking was integral precursor to exponential rising practices of microcredit village networking; meanwhile the empowerment of mobile 2.1 depends on newly interfacing operations that are virtual apart from the last mile

The good news is that the total bottom up banking systems of Bangladesh have been relentlessly integrated by brac from microcredit plus to brac bank to cashless banking bkash; that youth have been inspired to digitalise community banking circle apps (eg www.puddle.com ) and p2p networking; that yunus has demonstrated how the first gamechanging infrastructure of the mobile age is green energy for a billion off grid peoples; that worldwide soros, women4empowerent and MIT networks have mobilised what eg yunus isolated in Bangladesh could not sustain when opposed b all of Bangladesh's top-down government. However Yunus (see YunusOlympics and NobelAtlanta )  remains youth world fairs greatest attraction - the antidote to corporates whose ad agency's greenwashing audits communications as all about image and addiction, nothing to do with sustaining future generations and celebrating livelihoods

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A MIcrofranchise App on 5 Billion Person Elearning Platforms?

Some people eg Neville Williams (celebrated below) have been chasing solar energy for over 30 years now; in parallel my father and I have been exploring how open would the 30000 microfranchise solutions and celebrate millennials sustainability that end poverty need to be. The full economic rationale for microfranchises was written up in The Economist and this 1984 book on the future of millennials if open learning is valued in every actionable way possible. Suffice it to say that unlike a macrofranchise Mcdonalds where the owner's aim is to suck out profit every quarter from the local communities, microfranchises aim to inspire same brilliant service teamwork but leave all or most pf the value with the local producers and customers. For those interested in health this Larry Brilliant (end smallpox pioneer, first ceo of google.org, current skoll moviemaker on biggest risks humanity has yet to truly face up to)  video on an Indian doctors microfranchising to end unnecessary blindness is as joyful as this genre gets
MIT Dlab  Chasing the Sun  ... Sunpower  self.org  ghshakti.org ashden.org solar at WB

Whilst badly misunderstood by almost every MBA professor I have ever met, what Clinton called the new economic miracle of empowering villagers to end poverty began in Bangladesh a year after the nations' birth and is worth studying from BRAC and Grameen. Between these 2 networks they developed a few hundred microfranchises until 1996 when things really took off as Bangladesh became the first partnership lab in the world for mobile womens empowerment and in parallel yunus started experimenting with solar-a-billion model. Above are some notes on the solar-a-billion model and the context of 1996's 5 extraordinary partners in mobile womens empowerment. Whether citizen engagement is now ready to decide which innovations need to much volunteer networking and celebration of the sort true microfranchising needs is something I would love your feedback on. Meanwhile we will do our best to amke sure some of the most exciting microfrachsise examples get free open learning ads on the 5 billion person elarning satellite www.yazmi.com and among any partners who want to see how far women empowerment can go with microfranchising an end to poverty

Sunday, March 22, 2015

1 as keynsian economics and sustainability alumni like schumacher  (1 2  3) knew - end poverty is "truly problem of ending poverty in 2 million villages" (ie places where industrial revolution never get to wit modern infrastructure - electricity, running water, telecommunications, education even literacy,  transport grids ...)

2 I am fascinated by how peoples build health systems out of nothing - this was the pre-digital precursor (hi-trust networking) both of bangladesh's race to end poverty and of eg partners in health worldrecordhealthtable.doc worldrecordhealthtable.doc, 87 KB   worldrecordhealth.doc worldrecordhealth.doc, 36 KB 

I cannot compute any model of sustainable world that is possible if we continue to exterlnalise which of 7 billion people is born into  gets affordable health; there is a huge risk with the professional siloisation that seems epidemic in the aid world that the UN's 2015 cllimax with climate summit will not involve enough POP health designers

3 better yet the cultures of both bangladesh microfranchise networks and partners in health deem it to be a huge responsibility  (even a sin) whenever there is failure to integrate advances in modern technology around the empowerment of the poorest  httP://unwomens.com- the good news is such mobilising such partnerships literally innovates completely different apps and (infrastructure leapfrogging)  than big city slickers prioriitise designing mobile connectivity for

4 all this engagement theory begs a practical  question : at what level of government do you engage especially if a nation treats a particular demographic as an underclass (which means that the government at least regarding that group is part of the problem); if you ask manmohan singh what he did his thesis on at Cambridge at the start of the 1950s he will say the economics of ending underclasses within and across national boundaries[ 65 year on the lack of popularity of that subject amongst the most expensively paid economists isnt only shocking - it has led to heads of the IMF that I wouldnt want any daughter of mine to go within a last mile of- in any event we are celebrating (1 2 3) those who want to linkin open elearning channels   with billions of villagers reach around what they want to develop

5 admittedly its not usual since 1945 for america's biggest decision makers in ivory congresses and highly funded war rooms  to have good relationships with the poorest of the poor; but  I have this extraordinary memory; I was working in new york just after 9/11 and staying in a hotel that was fortunately for me the main space for delegates attending the hunger project from around the world; they explained to me over and over that in spite of being founded to end hunger - girl empowerment by introducing women into the most local forms of government was the magic trick that they had innovated; moreover some people regard www.results.org as us's number 1 bottom-up lobbyists; that may be but founder sam daley harris makes it clear that it was the hunger project that converted him from his job as a music teacher to an orchestrator of grassroots networking

6 the book inside china/india by former ceo of brookings makes the point that these 2 huge nations cannot possibly be sustained just by top down government- the trick is to know which level of regional government the national  government would love you to connect with (depending probably on hat industry sector skills you have to share -after all knowledge multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things- if usa and china are not te first to develop above zero-sum models of trade I wouldnt bet on this decade being the biggest depression of c21)

7 if you look at the history of nations going independent- often they were poor and wose government had very little taxation structures to star with- so in many such nations the social reach of government never got to the rural places without infrastructures; the networking of government tended to be with the middle class up;and often social or security services were so underfunded that they were expect to pay their way by levying local excises ((ie one world's petty bribery is something another world's only way of funding security). Its not that I think it should be like that; but it sure will be if elite aid organisations don't map that dynamic
6 And finally as a diaspora scot who has worked on social audits in 50 countries, and with 2 family members over 150 countries- i am passionate about mapping which cultures are wholly and truly designed around ending inequality- in tat respect Preferential Option Poor is most the valuable ideology of this millennials quarter of a century whether or not the fait is brokered by religious people like Pope Francis or Gutierriez or practitioners who share their practice by 1) living with the poorest; 2 exploring what system trap is compounding poverty and linking their practice to how that resolve that system failing; 3 regard not leveraging new technology for the poorest as a sin or at least a contradiction with profesison's hippocratic oath

Friday, March 6, 2015

0 moocyunus before 1996

1996 celebrated Bangladesh's 25th birthday with rural women to be first in world mobile partners

before 1996 yunus was the greatest educator of how to support poorest village mothers networks to end poverty by placing barefoot professionals who helped them
1 network health
2 train for a livelihood
3 design a 60 person local market so that their livelihood training would sustainably match with income generation
4 develop their own bank to end poverty we discuss the specific challenges rural Bangladesh mothers had in ending poverty at http://www.valuetrue.com

this video with yunus first female founder mrs begum is part of a 60 minute interview we made with her uly 2008 while the Nobel Peace Judges were in Dhaka opening up the Yunus Museum.

In his 2006 acceptance speech, Yunus astonished the world by saying he would dedicate the rest of his life to social business

Thursday, March 5, 2015


No amount of brilliant concepts by Yunus can help millennials achieve sustainability #2030now unless there is a huge change in investment , banking and economic norms from the way youth has been lost in so many countries in this millennium so far by badwilled banking and short-term investors, politics stick in luddite and highly bodered pasts...

 Both as an economist and billionnaire investor , Soros is uniquely valuable to learn frpm - column 1 some general datelines to search out, column 2 some directly linked to Yunus networks of mobile  -some dates approximate
78 Soros entry into philanthopy begins with investmend in black south african youth
92 At Central European University, Budapest-Soros starts open society annual prize with Gorbachev
By 96 Soros agrees to:
fund yunus experiments in grammen phones for vilnage poorest
Started connecting with Parters In Health as his favorite health service for partcular infectious crises...
2008 Soros is investing in west africa - eg liberia after its genocide and other troubles; by 2014 Soros needs help of Kim and Farmer
2013 In  latest of many warranted attacks on non-sustainable European Union, Soros question the nightmare and non-sustainable economic mechanisms which are causing mass youth unemployment- and making situation intolerable- eg Ukraine crisis longitudinal

.Of partnerships accelerated through mobile connectivity in village.

yunus greatest innovation model builds solar energy and biogas stives
Yunus hasnt sustained a digital banking model targeted on ultra poor

Global SB partnerships have had varied impacts