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In 2016, 9 education luminaries at UN HQ new york bravely stood up-goals can't be taught without a new map egov/Un2 connecting ed, tech, UN 50+ service networks eg food, health

  Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence I dont know how far this has got but if anyone could get trusted as a decolonial ai mapmaker  that might unlock so many sdg millennials networks-deepmind is about as worldwide real as humans and ai can get due to the fascinating founder denis hassibis   Demis Hassabis, Ph.D. | Academy of Achievement 1  2  3  4  5  6 7  8  9  10  11 12 13  14 15 16 17  18 19   20    21  22  23  24  25  29 30 -special thanks alumnisat.com   DM  GAI oddbots 1  2

Universal connectivity -what media needed 2020s: given since 1865 swiss partner ITU has been designing next tele-media as a worldwide cooperation br> what AIGood do we need given that since 1920 einstein ,was early host of transnational intel cooperation then neumann devoted his 12 post war years to freeing AI and computing for humanity- so what do millennials need designed AIGood 2020s seeing next tech how do we need Digital to change
DCoop1 time of under 30s spent by education;
DCap2 time of over 30s spent by education
Given these system changes what maths goats of 2020s are neededso how does above change what people need pubic sercants to do witth publi goods and trust/safety tpilie how does that impact inclusion and human rights

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Future of Banking Q: Good News YC Puddle 240, free edu

Can you help with this week's experiments with youth capitalism:
YCP 240

YouthWorldBanking MassOpenOnlineCourse 1 Banker For Jobs Typical exercise from this cluster - play video 1.4 for live learning experience
If you would like more content like video1.1 go to http://www.grameeneconomics.com where we video all of the US congress speakers in the bipartisan vote to award yunus a gold medal for the sort of banking peoples want; if you want more videos of series 1.2 go to http://yunus10000.com - we made about 8 hours of filming of entrepreneurs around yunus in 2008 and released 10000 dvds to students in short youtube style video format;

Video series 1.3 : if you want the full 20 minute transcript from the founding female director of grameen project from 1976 and bank from 1983 please ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk; if you'd like to join in 7 year of sampling 2000 yunus social business books to students and teachers again ask chris or try yahoogroup on yunusbook

Between 1976 and 2019=0, Muhammad Yunus and 8 million village mothers co-created income generation for themselves and broke generations of illiteracy for their children- the nation that had been poorest 100 million+ at independence in 1971 had become a remarkable lab for job creation by for and with the poorest . Since 2010 politicians have taken direction of the bank away from Yunus. In Bangladesh two of the most wonderful beyond banking businesses his leadership still enjoys are energy , and grameen nearly free nursing college. Mail us for updates on how to create more jobs with these social businesses

The Grameen mobile phone company (thanks to a timely loan by George Soros in 1996) remains the nation's largest company and taxpayer. Worldwide yunus is linked to 1000+ of youth favorite concept solutions for the futures of livelihoods. We think the world has much to celebrate that Dr Muhammad Yunus remains a top 10 job creator today and seek to partner anyone (especially pro-youth economists) linking open education around yunus. Atlanta plans to celebrate youth and yunus with the last millennium goals (wave 1) summit in November 2015 - can you help 20000 youth join in live and millions action learn virtually? chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk http://youthcreativelab.blogspot.com 

Youth Capitalism- how to give the youngest half of the world more than 10% voice in their futures
Regional Contributions
Intl Scots

IS1 1748 Adam Smith - how do 99% of peoples prevent loss of freedom of nation caused by errors of 1% of bankers and public servants- IS1Lab Glasgow

1843 IS2 James Wilson - how to question Industrial Revolution's biggest decision-makers ahead of time so that system designs end hunger and prevent capital abuse of youth -IS2Lab London (E-questions from scotland & france)

1972 IS3 The Economist -how to question post-industrial revolution's borderless planet's biggest decision makers so that 2 million global villages unite race to end poverty and 10 times more sustainable livelihoods of first netgen: lab global village viewspaper mapping keynes & schumacher alumni logic that (IS3lab) 2 million global villages would need to empower human race to end poverty

Indian Continent

1859 IR1 Queen Victoria sends James Wilson to Calcutta to mediate transformation of Raj value chain economics- James dies 9 months into project of diarrhea

1906 IR2 out of south africa gandhi's whole truth aha: empire's top down lawmakers (including his Bar of London degree) are destroying livelihoods of underclasses in s.africa ad india- solution a new generation of schooling & peace mediation legalese of Independence (Scottish assistant out of Mumbai)

1971-1972 IR3 first year of independence of Bangladesh - BRAC's first bottom-up network oral rehydration- rural mothers scale over 100 bottom-up privatisation & microfrachise solutions to 1996- then become global village mobile lab partners. BRAC's founder alumn of University of Glasgow; Grameen's founder finds first partner in Free Nursing College in Glasgow while keynoting adam smith's 250th
Catholic Europe

Circa 1800 word entrepreneur coined to signify social revolution of the 99% when 1% controlling all productive assets. While Queen Victoria partnered the Wilson family's vision of replacing mercantile slave trades with commonwealth had a moral element, the French case reminded royalty of risk of failing to value all the peoples. Note too how French had allied USA resulting in 1776 happiness & freedom charter

1976 The Economist's survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution was translated out of Italy by young Romano Prodi.

Tale of 2 Popes. 1989's freedom revolution in Poland and worldwide solidarite networks are credited by Walesa to the inspiration of Pope John Paul. In 2013 World Bank Jim Kim and Pope Francis exchange "count on me" for 2 curriculum revolutions- pope's public servants end inequality; jim kim's 2030now
Japan & China

Peacemaking world trade dynamic of Japan is surveyed in The Economist series Consider Japan 1962-1980

By 1975 The Economist propose celebrating Asia-pacific worldwide youth century not least because the majority of net generation youth will come from that region and the integration of China into sustainable world trade will be critical if Orwellian Big Brotherdom is to be overcome as 7 billion peoples free borderless planet.

Can Giants celebrate microeconomics? Muhammad Yunus celebrates reunification of Nobel economics and peace prize with a vision of how Bangladeshi youth can most win-win with Chinese and Indian youth. At 250th celebration of Smith, The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant of youth economics pens his last articles for co-publication with Yunus
Generation Note
In 1700 the average life expectancy everywhere was under 35. By 1900 beneficiaries of the Industrial Revolution had raised life expectancy to close to 60 , while the rest of the world's life expectancy was stuck at 35. By 2000, places where life expectancy was over 65 were losing youth economics very fast while those where life expectancy was still under 50 also needed to empower 100 million womens jobs with the worldwide Free Nursing College Partnership as the first living app of mobile age and MOOCYUNUS

Job Creating Curricula of Economics
The Economist founded  the curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution in 1972 to add the left-hand questions. to those it had been surveying since 1843 in line with adam smith and keynsian economist (right)

How would the net generation design systems with the greatest social purposes - where television,since world war 2, with its noise and politics was destroying sustainability of markets in the most socially critical of sectors. Cases The Economist tracked included:

National Health Service
BBC World Service
European Union
Political rulership and peace and security at community levels of empowerment and integration

In particular, with the coming of the internet what would be the new opportunities and risks of: Death of Distance- both as a almost zero  cost for "apping" coded information once everyone had mobile access and as human exchanged value increasingly through borderless markets (where life critical information  needed to be freed by breaking down degrees of separation)

How would energy cleanly go beyond carbon and nuclear
Keynsian list of future system design

Core challenge end poverty

Entrepreneurial origin - mediating industrial revolution to:
End hunger
End capital abuse of youth
End empire abuses including slavery  and professions with rules that were over-standardised compared with natures local diversity and human's community cultures

Friday, May 16, 2014

Puddle 240
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes - i learnt about puddle from students annual microcredit and education summit in san diego during april 2014. As microcreditsummit leaders Larry Reid says: nowhere beats san diego in usa for community regeneration through microcredit. I was fascinated to hear that www.puddle.com ( a digital solution and sister of Kiva networks) is a latest favorite of san diego microcredit educators, students and women who wish to income generate and rebuild communities.

Could puddles also impact massive youth job creation across usa? It is early days but puddle 240 seeks to explore that horizon. As well as Norman Macrae Foundation its main bankers as of may 2014 are the founder of puddle Jean-Claude and the champion of microcredit and microeducation student summits in san diego Anna Lu . Tell us if you would like to know more or can help! One of the early value chains that puddlers 240 are aiming to take back for creative peoples to own the community sustaining markets of concerns jewelry . Our me ntors at women4empowerment have been working on remapping this and other fashion value chains for many years now