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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curriuculum of Missing Transformation Precepts (TP)

Precepts are value judgments (including rules and continuous process) that networks are locally and globally designed around. Transformation precepts are those we need to search out and 7 billion people need to collaborate around if planet and peoples are to be sustainable out of every local community -literally we need to mediate gamechangers from being led towards exponential destruction to everyone passing through a conflict barriers at the same time to innovate producing and demanding around a rising exponential.**

This 12 minute training modules provides some examples of TP. Your most important exercise to start the second after the next 12 minutes is choose a TP that make sense to most of the people you network with both socially and in making a living (or if you are a student in your idea of what you would most like to do to make a living). Report back to all of us how you word the conflict that needed innovating beyond- and what experiments if any a mass of people in your network want most urgently to test

1 The clearest example may be afforded by why the majority of us are not doing relevant things to transform to abundant clean energy instead of being trapped in carbon's value chains. The main precept of changing to clean energy mimics nature's evolution rule-

TP1 one system's waste is another system's energy input

.................................................................................Do you know of a Fortune 1000 ceo or a national leader who walks this talk? At valuetrue.com we have been searching for such leaders for 25 years. My search began at Big 5 global accountancies in 1989 helped by my father who was "retiring" from writing 3000 leaders for The Economist to do other writing including a biography of the greatest systems modeler he had ever met John Von Neumann - for many the father of the open computing age. Ironically war led John into dying before hos tie in testing the dirtiest energy ever (nuclear) instead of the most peaceful photosynthesis.

Among the 1500 biggest decision-makers in the world, I can tell you from quarter of a century of network searching, those that walk the talk on Transformation Precepts are incredibly scarce. Back in 1989 I was one of the first to develop a process for brands to marry each other as they needed to integrate local and global meaning. I know all the people who made unique contributions to the emerging practice of brand architecture. The number 1 challenge we tried to prevent was greenwashing - so far we haven't succeeded.
Mass media "creatives" found it easier to make money in the short-term by advising brands with the greatest reality problems to greenwash. Worse they were supported in concocting brand valuation algorithms by the Big 5 accountants raced to preserve the measurement monopoly in the biggest boardrooms with metrics that devalue sustained change on the altar of short-term extraction.
TP2 there isnt a single global profession that values Transforatuon Precept 1- this gives us a clue for another precept :
- TP2 we can define the most valuable chnane beyond industrial revolution as one where there is zero tolerance for externalising risk- unless leaders making the biggest decisions (be the nation's place servants or ceos of biggest companies in each global sector) are advise by professions that value multi-win models -mapped to be bottom-up and borderless in how they multiply human trust and purpose - instead of externalising risks from the biggest to those with the elast , humans will be expoentially racing to destroy the futures of our next generation - this precept was first theorised by Einstein when he was advising gandhi on how to design more sustainable rules than those chained by the English's empires professional classes; its be poivotal to the genre of entreprejeurial revolution founded by father in The Economist since 1972 when he first saw hundreds of youth collaborating around an early digital network- enetrepreneur has since become one of the sexiest words in both society and business- if you are passionate about a type of entrepurial movement ask yourself if it unites people who act on zero tolerance for externalsiation

There used to be the US ceo Ray Anderson of Interface Sustainability but he died recently (his role to show that even an industrial sector like carpets could map a half-generation plan to go profitably negaive carbon); If there is a living US CEO who most gets it- who would you say that is? John Mackey (Whole Foods and h conscipus capitalis movement is one nomination. Who else would you say?

TP3 and this gives us a clue for dr yunus' dream:
TP3 that a best for youth university could be free and online- it needs to doublecheck the whole truth of every curriculum it examines students on by whether its professors can collaboratively map how their teaching sustain next generation. Previously India had a president who was also one of the country's leading scientists- he love dialoguing with youth. His web oromise to collate questions that youth dared to ask and that most of India's senion bureaucrats had not yet begun to innovate an answer to. When Kalam's presidency was nearing its close- he issued a wish India 2020. Youth please connect together tear up by 2020 any curriculum you are taught that isn't exponentially sustaining the future.

Media note- is it possible to invite thousands of highly cflicted people to join in innovation through which they all pass through a conflict barrier and broken systems at the same time. The method was invented in the early 1980s by Harrison Owen, It is caled Open Space. There is a peculiar finding from the first 500000 open spaces that Harrison has cataloogued with thousands of alumni. The yiunger you are above the age of 9 the easier you find it to truly and interactively participate in such a transformation celebration and collaboration

Friday, April 12, 2013

surveys for yunus- what 12 minute online training modules do millions of youth want to create jobs and end poverty

dr yunus believes that one worldwide free online university can help youth network extraordinary jobs and goals- todays online education platforms typically integrate 12 minute training modules- so what sorts of surveys can we start with dr yunus when we meet him

-what can his worldiwde partners offer as 12 minute training modules - Norman Macrae Foundation for pro-youth economics welcomes co-journalizing of his partners initiatives at http://leadersandyunus.ning.com

what do youth who have joined his job creaating competitions most want? this blog brings a particular focus to that supported by co-journalists at 2 Nings: JobsCompetitions and Journal of Social Business 

how do we turn existing free university curriculum - eg grameen nursing college - into million youth online learning modules?

what are the most urgent 12 minute curriculum if youth are to regain design of sustainable systes in time to celebrate net generation as most productive and collaborative age - http://futurecapitalism.tv

ideas welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Norman Macrae Foundation Pro-Youth Economics

Sunday, March 31, 2013

.the top 100 back page of our journal of youth economics and social business is being redeited - aims to list partners who know most about helping youth celebrate the $64 trillion dollar collaboration treasure map of job creating online curriculum millions of youth need most -cam you help us rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co..uk

candidates for highly resourced leaders partnering most with youth's greatest free online university
curriculum - changing mass media heroes, peace etc
Ron Garan  astronaut- heroes and borderless collaboration editor group

Monica Yunus leaders of youth heroes networks at www.singforhope.org

ilab by brilliant and skoll and including movies on massive risks eg inconvenient truth

edu revolution curriculum of best job creating university being free online - how many of youth's 10000 greatest job creators will come from education entrepreneurial revolution 

Historically Black Uni student competitions linked into action learning values of best of Martin Luther King culture

Carso Group Mexico – Carlos Slim (in context of free university curriculum, this billionnaires (richest man's) foundation may be most relevant for its translating into spanish khan academy content ...)

Pro-youth economics curriculum
George Soros connections and interests (from being first loanee of grameen phone to most economical resolution to crises causes by eu and failed currency systems)

health and nutrition curriculum

Grameen Free Nursing College curriculum with Nike Girl Power investors , Grameen Scotland partners where Yunus has been appointed Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian - replication of aravind eyecare franchise with funding orgin green children pop group

Milken connections which could remain huge in health curriculum

Obama community broadband telemedicine experiments - Arkansas

WholePlanetFoundation  (including conscious capitalism , whole foods, wholekidsfoundation)

Jack Sim world toilet: sanitation curriculum - Singapore Friends of Yunus

Melbourne connections with mhealth, coursera partner university, world leading professor of medicine and global reconciliation

Yunus Grameen America founder whose day job involves organising usa biggest health conferences - www.worldcongress.com 

grameen intel - major experiments in e-health - GE partner with yunus in mobile ultraousnd app; 

Green Energy Curriculum

Ashden.org main micro energy prize collaboration network worldwide micro-energy prize network led by sainsbury philanthropy family, prince charles , and BBC Nature correspondents

Schneider Electric – co-sponsor of social business chair at Hec -main global partner of grameen energy

Origin of yunus knowhow (http://grameenenergy.com  www.gshakti.org ) in solar came from Neville Williams - american author of chasing the sun, foundation of SELF, and originally President Carter's uber-networker of clean energy

underutilised links with MIT (boston) and legatum (dubai) alumni especially in mobilising open apps and understanding curriculum breakthroughs over decade of open education and more than 15 years of digital media lab (from negroponte to current japanese leaders joi ito)

Japan Ambassadors

Brazil Poverty Erradication centre of Bula and current PM -highlights of Bula's lifework include champion of BRICS and new collaboration nation groupings beyond G8; integrator of world forums on social and economics; passionate supporter of water curricula in schools since 1999

Ashden.org main micro energy prize collaboration network

Martin Hirsch model of youth civil society corps as lternative to armies
President Sarkozy demanding stiglitz survey Crisis Economic Issues

Turkeys connections around yunus which include one of most viable microcredit models in recently developed country

Queen Sofia of Spain

emergence of yunus residence in malaysia - next home of global social business global summit - lng a favorite space of craig barrett

mandela-branson elders connected to world's elading free university connectors - taddy blecher, skoll...

*ADIE  : perhaps greatest microcredit model in Europe, Paris-based; founder Maria Nowak  is also a great knowledge networker for home region east europe - headed friends of grameen during fisrt half of 2011
Results - Founder Sam Daley-Harris contributed paper on history of Results and Yunus to Issue 1  
NESTA hosted Yunus talk on inovation London Summer 2011
*Ali Baba - Jack Ma founder of China's ebay is inpired by yunus to cteate 1000 million jobs in china
UNHCR refugee microcredit is one of the hottest agendas of the year
HEC Paris leader of top 50 project : sustainability MBA, home of first ever Chair of Social Business
Otto Group - an extraordinary leader whose responsibility initaitives include otto for cotton (fair trade africa) and potentially 30 million dollar investment in a social business factory in Bangladesh - this german company is second largets to amazon as a virtual retailer
Just Capital- global social business development out of Hamburg
 00 The-Hub.net  founded by Jonathan Robinson in London is 2011's co-host as 3rd annual global social business summit comes to vienna - hubs connect over 6000 entrepreneurs in 40 locations - while their expansion model is on a moores law of doubling evry 2-3 years; their focus depends on local hub leaders - mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have a  report four our good hub guide http://hubsworld.com -a publication we started in 2006 in sponsoring connections between deeply concerned world citizen The Hub has received nearly 100K loans from Norman MacraeFoundation
Veolia Water -the water purification network of the excellent collaboration cluster of Paris SB which make Paris theleading SB capital of the world Yunus featured a whole chapter on core purpose of veolia in social business book 2 published 2010
Yunus Centre - dhaka headquarters of Yunus news http://www.yunuscentre.org
Grameen Intel - the most important of the global social business partners out of USA http://grameenintel.com
0 (Adidas Group - experimenting with yunus $1 shoes for ending shoelss children - particularly important in countries with worm diseases)
* GE Healthcare - Yunus announced (Sweden June 2011) great SB partnering progress towards $2000 ultrasound made for village diagnosis digitally relayed to city experts where necessary
Grameen Bank - Yunus origin of economics leadership can invest in youth and sustainability of communities- 7 years of etsing in 1976 incorportaed by its ownlaw in Bangladesh 1983 
Grameen Trust - the first international consultancy in Yunus economics
0(UN Foundation - Ted Turners billion dollar investment in chnaging UK to get more micro)
* (IESE Barcelona - helped Yunus and Queen Sofia-the most energetic royal supporter of Yunus over last quarter a century - host a social buiness conference)
Groupe Danone - sets the benchmark of how ceos could value industry sustainability leadership by partnering fully with yunus
EBS Universitat- Germany's first social business chair sponsored by danone
Futurenet AB  -what is this
World Vision – this should be taken out unless you can personally vouch for networker in it – very bad macro group
Yunus Centre
0 Adidas Group  - at some stage yunus is going t6po need to decide if he wants nike girl power nurses or adidas but lets leave this for now
Ask the Circle –what is this
* GE Healthcare
NUS Enterprise – please clarify who is your active student contact
Unicredit Group –please clarify what case are they involved with
Volkswagen AG
** SingForHope.org
Autostadt GmbH
Intel Corporation
* Skoll Foundation
0 Reebok Easytone – what is the easytone part of reebok/adidas
* Kenya Jamii Bora
CDR at Uni Bonn –what is contact/story of this
Grameen America
Nandi Foundation
McGill University
Rikkyo University – is there a way of checking whether hyushu feels rikkyo adds anything
Col 2
Deutsche Telekom –this is a very interesting contact- please make sure you discuss with naila/mostofa
MIG Kerala, India  =please give more info-
*Kyushu University
Bocconi University – where and what is this?
*Credit Agricole SA – should this be named Grameen Credit Agricole
MicroSolar Munich = please tell us more about this so msotofa can linkin with paul rose, prince charles, Sainsbury daughter. MichalelPalin and other green nets of europe
Zeppelin University –where and what is this
Impact International –where and what is this- are we sure their analysis models are congruent with yunus
Gobernacion Caldas – please clarify what is meant by Gobenacion – I know about caldas
Commune di Milano – please clarify with samantha that this is in top list of italian friends
* The Ashden Awards
Leuphana University –where and what is this
Hokkaido University –please check with hyushus as per Rikkyo
Grameen Foundation
Social Business Earth
Sahay Sokti Solutions =please tell me amore about this
Family Bank, Bahrain
London Creative Labs
Grameen Bank Afrika –please clarify what is bookmark; where hq; who leads this
Universita Di Bologna
Microloan Foundation
University of Glasgow
Grameen Capital India
Wockhardt Foundation
Freie Universitat Berlin =who is the contact here?
Zayed University, UAE
* Kyoto Forum/Felissimo- do you have a contact?
The Church of Scotland
Istituto Europe di Design =please clarify with smanatha if this really matetrs
Harvard Business School =please clarify who is your main contact there as in 3 weeks time (Halima, Niala Vidar and 1)  are spending 3 days in boston interviewing whose projects want to connect with yunus
University of Strathclyde
ArcelorMittal Foundation –please tell me more about this case
* Yukiguni Maitake Co Ltd
Dialogue Social Enterprise – where is thsis based and who is coordinator
Cure2Children Foundation (now col 3) web.. founders blogUniversity College London –please say who contact is there – in spit of 4 years of mapping London I have not a clue
Col 3
Grameen Italia Foundation –please tell me who leads this and where is it based- is it separate from bologna group- if so whats its main project
*World Healthcare Congress
A K Khan Healthcare Trust
Kwansei Gakuin University –please say where this is and who is contact
Wavelength Companies Ltd
University of Florence, Italy –please clarify contact with samantha
Financial University Moscow
Asian Institute of Technology
Insight Consultancy Solutions –please teel me where this is , what is their web? Who is your contact
Microcredit Summit Campaign
Wildhearts in Action, Scotland
BCG Boston Consulting Group –this is typically a very bad groupo – please vouch petrsonally if there is a sub-network that is true yunsu within it
Glasgow Caledonian University
Sigmud Freud Private University –please give mpore detaisl
Grameen Creative Lab, Germany
BASF – The Chemical Company
*Danone Nutrition Infantile China – please clarify does this have a web or network elader yet
ISC Paris School of Management
International Growth Centre LSE- please givfe more details – like University college suprprised not to know these Londoners already
Future Systems Consulting GmbH- please clarify who is key person here?
Middle Tennessee State University- pelase clarify what linkis to yunus do tehse people have?
University of The West of Scotland
*Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation
Stanford Center for Social Innovation – some very wrong model mindset people here- who is the good subnetwork
Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi – please clarify where this is and check with samantha
Uniqlo Social Business Bangladesh Ltd
Microfinance International Observatory- what on earth is this? Please double check sam tghinks its on the right side of bottom up
Grameen-Jameel Pan-Arab Microfinance
Camera di Commercio Italiana Barcelona – spinds interesting – do you have a contact ehre – and where is it headquartered
Humboldt Viadrina School of Government =please say more about this
0California State University Channel Islands
Monaco Social Business Association MSBA –please say if you have a live contact tyhere
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management – where is this ? what’s its connection withy otto? Whats its main purpose?
PPRC Power and Participation Research Centre –please tell me more about this
Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship  (owned by world economic forum)
Johnson&Johnson Global Access & Partnerships
Macromedia University-Media & Communication- please explain what the heck is this?

Friday, March 22, 2013

ECONOMICS OF MEDIA- building strong local communities as essence of sustainable globalisation

World Class Brands network was established in 1988 to help with pro-youth media training as it became evident that 21st C society would spend more time and money on media than anything else. Five generations of Macrae family have made livings by helping buiilding strong local communities and helping map transparent valuation of systems that sustain bottom-up goals and maximise collaboration wherever valuable.Norman Macrae spent his working life doing this as The Economist's pro-youth economist. His retirement in 1988 enabled him to spend the next 20 years on special projects from writing up the biography of von neumann to helping world class brands develop the optimal metrics of sustainability investment and celebration of millions time more collaboration technology than when man raced to the moon in 1960s. Our simplest training modules (can be exercised online in short modules); they include developing these sort of media literacy
make a list of channels of media and education - which help prevent and which hasten failure of communities?
.what causes communities to fail?


  • extraction of natural resources
  • majority of families in community are trapped in debt
  • crises (including wars) caused by big neighbours ..
.who loses most from broken communities?

families especially mothers

since 1920 can you make a timeline of the most positive inspirations of media and the most dismal unintended consequence  -(we choose 1920 as that is when mass audiences started to be linked in by radio )

when are the earliest discussions you can find on computer networking media- make a 2 by 2 matrix- what has happened slower, faster ; better, worse than the most optimistic pioneers of digital media and the greatest human revolution of being networked

build on the above exercises to make a list of greatest opportunities and threats of our next 10 years locally and globally - what sorts of collaborative solutions can you search out to resolve the threats; is this search for solutions to threats something millions of young people need to be connecte to by early online educational courses of the sort yunus prioritses as worldwie youth's favorite economoist and humanitarian

Advanced training can also be found at our affiliate webs

BrandChartering.com abd valuetrue.com - mediating and valueing the most pursposeful system in the world - be these at organisation, network or market level. By purposeful we mean searching for human purspoe that can sustain most value multiplication in both our roles of human being - producers and demanders (eg customers, societies, owners, partners, co-workers)

worldeconomist.net and worldentrepreneur.net

yunus.tv brac.tv as two of most exciting service organisations and community builders we have come across in projects that have taken 3 macraes to over 100 national contexts and many hundred market caltegories